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A little of why we believe in our Chamomile oil!

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Essential oils are what we do here at Inglenook Farm and Chamomile oil, as our main crop, is the very heart of our business.  We know Chamomile, we live and breath it.  Our team work round the clock to grow the highest quality organic plants and to distill the perfect oil.  We then always ensure we deliver the finished essential oil at a competitive price.  Want to know a little more about this oil that we love so much?  Well read on…

From seed to bottle

The pretty Daisy like Chamomile flowers are grown on our farm in the village of Rainford, Merseyside, England.  They are grown organically and harvested mid to late summer and taken straight to our on site distillery.  They are steam distilled there and then while the flower is at its peak to create the wonderful Essential Oil and Hydrosol.  The oil is a stunning pale blue in appearance and its fresh crisp aroma is reassuringly similar to the scent of the growing plant, sweet, floral, warm and bright. Once distilled, samples of the essential oil are then sent away to undergo gas chromatography testing to ensure it is of the highest quality. The essential oil is then bottled by hand here on our farm or used to create soaps, massage blends and an array of skincare products. 

Soothing for centuries

Chamomile is most widely known for it’s tea form and the properties the tea holds. Chamomile tea is warming and soothing and is hailed for its calming & sedative effects.  This comes from the Chamomile plant itself.  Even further back on record, the Elizabethans used to smoke chamomile flowers in order to prevent and cure insomnia!

It is these naturally calming and soothing properties that also make Roman Chamomile the Essential Oil of choice for anybody who is suffering the symptoms of stress anxiety, insomnia, depression or shock. It can also benefit those who are struggling with loneliness or high levels fear or anger. Roman Chamomile has also been used both in the past and present to relieve symptoms caused by menstruation such as irritability, insomnia, nausea, and even period pains.

All round healer

It’s soothing nature and calming properties makes Roman chamomile perfect for soaps, bath products, aromatherapy products and perfumes.  It is anti-inflammatory and a natural calmative and sedative. The list of the ailments that Roman Chamomile Essential Oil can help to relieve is long! Its invaluable for helping with symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions such as sprains and strains

For the whole family

There are very few Essential Oils that are recommended as safe to use with children, Roman Chamomile is one of them. When well diluted and diffused in a child’s room Roman Chamomile can help to calm infants and promote a good quality of sleep in restless children, especially if they suffer from nightmares. A house infused with the scent of chamomile may just help calm fractious toddlers (and parents!) leaving everyone calmer and more relaxed! Happy baby, happy you and smiles all round, what could be better?


With all of these benefits we often get asked how we sell it at the price we do.  In answer, we strive to always offer exceptional value, with the best quality at the most competitive price.  In fact, if you find UK grown organic Roman Chamomile cheaper elsewhere we will send you a free sample! If you would like to try some for yourself, it is available in our Farm Shop or buy online.

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