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Essential oils are the natural constituents of plants that give the plant its characteristic aroma.  When used in their purest form in Aromatherapy, they provide a wide range of psychological & physiological health benefits.  From easing muscular pain, to improving the complexion and reducing stress and anxiety there is an almost unlimited list of therapeutic uses, and as studies and research continue yet more are found.


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Manuka 10ml   £7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Manuka 10ml buy now Manuka 10ml
Manuka 50ml   £29.00 (£24.17 ex VAT) view Manuka 50ml buy now Manuka 50ml
Manuka 100ml   £56.00 (£46.67 ex VAT) view Manuka 100ml buy now Manuka 100ml
Marjoram 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Marjoram 10ml buy now Marjoram 10ml
Marjoram 50ml   £11.00 (£9.17 ex VAT) view Marjoram 50ml buy now Marjoram 50ml
Marjoram 100ml   £20.00 (£16.67 ex VAT) view Marjoram 100ml buy now Marjoram 100ml
May Chang 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view May Chang 10ml buy now May Chang 10ml
May Chang 50ml   £10.50 (£8.75 ex VAT) view May Chang 50ml buy now May Chang 50ml
May Chang 100ml   £19.00 (£15.83 ex VAT) view May Chang 100ml buy now May Chang 100ml
Melissa 5ml   £32.00 (£26.67 ex VAT) view Melissa 5ml buy now Melissa 5ml
Melissa 10ml   £62.00 (£51.67 ex VAT) view Melissa 10ml buy now Melissa 10ml
Melissa 2.5ml   £17.00 (£14.17 ex VAT) view Melissa 2.5ml buy now Melissa 2.5ml
Myrrh 10ml   £9.50 (£7.92 ex VAT) view Myrrh 10ml buy now Myrrh 10ml
Myrrh 50ml   £40.50 (£33.75 ex VAT) view Myrrh 50ml buy now Myrrh 50ml
Myrrh 100ml   £79.00 (£65.83 ex VAT) view Myrrh 100ml buy now Myrrh 100ml
Neroli 2.5ml
Citrus aurantium         Delicate yet rich, warming aroma        Italy
£16.50 (£13.75 ex VAT) view Neroli 2.5ml buy now Neroli 2.5ml
Neroli 5ml   £32.00 (£26.67 ex VAT) view Neroli 5ml buy now Neroli 5ml
Neroli 10ml   £63.00 (£52.50 ex VAT) view Neroli 10ml buy now Neroli 10ml
Neroli 50ml   £305.00 (£254.17 ex VAT) view Neroli 50ml buy now Neroli 50ml
Neroli 100ml   £607.00 (£505.83 ex VAT) view Neroli 100ml buy now Neroli 100ml
Niaouli 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Niaouli 10ml buy now Niaouli 10ml
Niaouli 50ml   £9.00 (£7.50 ex VAT) view Niaouli 50ml buy now Niaouli 50ml
Niaouli 100ml   £16.00 (£13.33 ex VAT) view Niaouli 100ml buy now Niaouli 100ml
Nutmeg 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Nutmeg 10ml buy now Nutmeg 10ml
Nutmeg 50ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Nutmeg 50ml buy now Nutmeg 50ml
Nutmeg 100ml   £22.00 (£18.33 ex VAT) view Nutmeg 100ml buy now Nutmeg 100ml
Orange 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Orange 10ml buy now Orange 10ml
Orange 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Orange 50ml buy now Orange 50ml
Orange 100ml   £14.00 (£11.67 ex VAT) view Orange 100ml buy now Orange 100ml
Origanum 5ml
Origanum marjorana          Warm, spicy                          Spain
£3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Origanum 5ml buy now Origanum 5ml
Origanum 10ml   £4.50 (£3.75 ex VAT) view Origanum 10ml buy now Origanum 10ml
Origanum 50ml   £18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Origanum 50ml buy now Origanum 50ml
Origanum 100ml   £34.00 (£28.33 ex VAT) view Origanum 100ml buy now Origanum 100ml
Palmarosa 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Palmarosa 10ml buy now Palmarosa 10ml
Palmarosa 50ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Palmarosa 50ml buy now Palmarosa 50ml
Palmarosa 100ml   £21.06 (£17.55 ex VAT) view Palmarosa 100ml buy now Palmarosa 100ml
Patchouli 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Patchouli 10ml buy now Patchouli 10ml
Patchouli 50ml   £14.00 (£11.67 ex VAT) view Patchouli 50ml buy now Patchouli 50ml
Patchouli 100ml   £24.00 (£20.00 ex VAT) view Patchouli 100ml buy now Patchouli 100ml
Pepper, Black 10ml   £6.50 (£5.42 ex VAT) view Pepper, Black 10ml buy now Pepper, Black 10ml
Pepper, Black 50ml   £25.00 (£20.83 ex VAT) view Pepper, Black 50ml buy now Pepper, Black 50ml
Pepper, Black 100ml   £46.50 (£38.75 ex VAT) view Pepper, Black 100ml buy now Pepper, Black 100ml
Peppermint 10ml   £2.50 (£2.08 ex VAT) view Peppermint 10ml buy now Peppermint 10ml
Peppermint 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Peppermint 50ml buy now Peppermint 50ml
Peppermint 100ml   £14.00 (£11.67 ex VAT) view Peppermint 100ml buy now Peppermint 100ml
Petitgrain 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Petitgrain 10ml buy now Petitgrain 10ml
Petitgrain 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Petitgrain 50ml buy now Petitgrain 50ml
Petitgrain 100ml   £15.00 (£12.50 ex VAT) view Petitgrain 100ml buy now Petitgrain 100ml
Pine, Atlantic 10ml
Pinus sylvestris
£3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Pine, Atlantic 10ml buy now Pine, Atlantic 10ml
Pine, Atlantic 100ml   £14.50 (£12.08 ex VAT) view Pine, Atlantic 100ml buy now Pine, Atlantic 100ml
Ravensara 10ml   £6.50 (£5.42 ex VAT) view Ravensara 10ml buy now Ravensara 10ml
Ravensara 50ml   £26.00 (£21.67 ex VAT) view Ravensara 50ml buy now Ravensara 50ml
Ravensara 100ml   £50.00 (£41.67 ex VAT) view Ravensara 100ml buy now Ravensara 100ml
Rose Absolute 5ml   £28.00 (£23.33 ex VAT) view Rose Absolute 5ml buy now Rose Absolute 5ml
Rose Absolute 10ml   £54.00 (£45.00 ex VAT) view Rose Absolute 10ml buy now Rose Absolute 10ml
Rose Absolute 50ml   £254.00 (£211.67 ex VAT) view Rose Absolute 50ml buy now Rose Absolute 50ml
Rose Absolute 2.5ml   £15.00 (£12.50 ex VAT) view Rose Absolute 2.5ml buy now Rose Absolute 2.5ml
Rose Otto 5ml   £74.00 (£61.67 ex VAT) view Rose Otto 5ml buy now Rose Otto 5ml
Rose Otto 10ml   £140.00 (£116.67 ex VAT) view Rose Otto 10ml buy now Rose Otto 10ml
Rosemary 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Rosemary 10ml buy now Rosemary 10ml
Rosemary 50ml   £10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT) view Rosemary 50ml buy now Rosemary 50ml
Rosemary 100ml   £18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Rosemary 100ml buy now Rosemary 100ml
Sage 10ml   £3.50 (£2.92 ex VAT) view Sage 10ml buy now Sage 10ml
Sage 50ml   £10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT) view Sage 50ml buy now Sage 50ml
Sage 100ml   £18.50 (£15.42 ex VAT) view Sage 100ml buy now Sage 100ml
Sandalwood 2.5ml
Santalum album       Soft, sweet, woody          New Caledonia
£9.00 (£7.50 ex VAT) view Sandalwood 2.5ml buy now Sandalwood 2.5ml
Sandalwood 5ml

£18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Sandalwood 5ml buy now Sandalwood 5ml
Sandalwood 10ml   £35.00 (£29.17 ex VAT) view Sandalwood 10ml buy now Sandalwood 10ml
Sandalwood 50ml   £155.00 (£129.17 ex VAT) view Sandalwood 50ml buy now Sandalwood 50ml
Sandalwood 100ml   £308.00 (£256.67 ex VAT) view Sandalwood 100ml buy now Sandalwood 100ml
Tea Tree 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Tea Tree 10ml buy now Tea Tree 10ml
Tea Tree 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Tea Tree 50ml buy now Tea Tree 50ml
Tea Tree 100ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Tea Tree 100ml buy now Tea Tree 100ml
Thyme,Red 10ml   £3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Thyme,Red 10ml buy now Thyme,Red 10ml
Thyme,Red 50ml   £8.00 (£6.67 ex VAT) view Thyme,Red 50ml buy now Thyme,Red 50ml
Thyme,Red 100ml   £18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Thyme,Red 100ml buy now Thyme,Red 100ml
Valerian 5ml
Valeriana officinalis             Warm, earthy, must-like      Eastern Europe
£10.00 (£8.33 ex VAT) view Valerian 5ml buy now Valerian 5ml
Valerian 10ml   £18.00 (£15.00 ex VAT) view Valerian 10ml buy now Valerian 10ml
Valerian 50ml   £85.00 (£70.83 ex VAT) view Valerian 50ml buy now Valerian 50ml
Vetivert 5ml
Vetiveria zizanoides            Deep, smoky, earthy            Haiti
£7.50 (£6.25 ex VAT) view Vetivert 5ml buy now Vetivert 5ml
Vetivert 10ml   £12.00 (£10.00 ex VAT) view Vetivert 10ml buy now Vetivert 10ml
Vetivert 50ml   £58.00 (£48.33 ex VAT) view Vetivert 50ml buy now Vetivert 50ml
Vetivert 100ml   £115.00 (£95.83 ex VAT) view Vetivert 100ml buy now Vetivert 100ml
Yarrow 5ml   £10.50 (£8.75 ex VAT) view Yarrow 5ml buy now Yarrow 5ml
Yarrow 10ml   £20.00 (£16.67 ex VAT) view Yarrow 10ml buy now Yarrow 10ml
Yarrow 50ml   £92.00 (£76.67 ex VAT) view Yarrow 50ml buy now Yarrow 50ml
Yarrow 100ml   £182.00 (£151.67 ex VAT) view Yarrow 100ml buy now Yarrow 100ml
Ylang-Ylang 5ml
Cananga odorata               Floral and sweet                   Comores
£3.00 (£2.50 ex VAT) view Ylang-Ylang 5ml buy now Ylang-Ylang 5ml
Ylang-Ylang 10ml   £4.50 (£3.75 ex VAT) view Ylang-Ylang 10ml buy now Ylang-Ylang 10ml
Ylang-Ylang 50ml   £17.00 (£14.17 ex VAT) view Ylang-Ylang 50ml buy now Ylang-Ylang 50ml
Ylang-Ylang 100ml   £32.00 (£26.67 ex VAT) view Ylang-Ylang 100ml buy now Ylang-Ylang 100ml
Chamomile, Roman Organic 50ml   £70.00 (£58.33 ex VAT) view Chamomile, Roman Organic 50ml buy now Chamomile, Roman Organic 50ml
Rose Otto 2.5ml
Rosa damascena
£38.00 (£31.67 ex VAT) view Rose Otto 2.5ml buy now Rose Otto 2.5ml
Bay 100ml   £22.50 (£18.75 ex VAT) view Bay 100ml buy now Bay 100ml
Chamomile, Roman Organic 10ml   £15.00 (£12.50 ex VAT) view Chamomile, Roman Organic 10ml buy now Chamomile, Roman Organic 10ml
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